Notion Launches Generative AI Assistant Notion AI

Are you looking to get the most out of your writing? Introducing Notion AI, the revolutionary new generative AI assistant from Notion! Notion AI is the perfect tool for improving and organizing your writing, with features like summarizing and extending texts, adjusting tone, and arranging notes and data more coherently. Notion AI acts like an editor, helping you to craft your writing to match your vision. Plus, with a $10 monthly subscription fee and a 20% discount for annual plans, Notion AI is the perfect tool for anyone looking to get the most out of their writing.

The recent surge of generative AI business tools has been nothing short of revolutionary, and Notion AI is no exception. With more than two million sign-ups for the waitlist and ample feedback for improvements and additions to the assistant, Notion AI has been able to quickly upgrade from alpha tests to a public launch. And with features like “explain this” for computer codes and mermaid charts, Notion AI is the perfect tool for any tech-savvy writer.

Notion AI is just the latest in a long line of generative AI tools designed for business and enterprise platforms. Companies like Jasper, OpenAI, Wix, and Canva have all released their own AI-powered writing tools, while has created a new AI assistant named OtterPilot specifically for meeting summaries and guidance. And with a free trial available until April 5, now is the perfect time to try out Notion AI and see how generative AI can take your writing to the next level.

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