Otter Debuts AI Meeting Assistant OtterPilot to Summarize Discussions

Are you tired of manually taking notes and summarizing meetings? If so, you’re not alone. To help make these processes easier, has introduced their AI assistant, OtterPilot. In this blog post, we’ll explore how OtterPilot is revolutionizing the way companies handle meetings and what other generative AI startups are doing to make the process even easier.

OtterPilot: Automating Meetings
OtterPilot is an AI assistant that automates meetings, taking notes and generating a summary of the discussion. It can join meetings scheduled on a Microsoft or Google calendar and transcribe the meeting in real-time. It also takes screenshots of any slides or other presentation images and inserts them into the notes. The AI model will then condense the main topics and decisions into a highlight reel with hyperlinks to the part of the transcript mentioned.

Generative AI: Taking Meeting Notes to the Next Level
Generative AI is rapidly spreading among other meeting AI service providers. Startups such as Supernormal and Airgram have raised millions of dollars to develop AI that can take notes and generate summaries of meetings. For example, SoundHound recently debuted a real-time AI transcription and annotation service.

OtterPilot: The Future of Meetings
OtterPilot is just the beginning. The company is investing heavily to build a ChatGPT-type service for each enterprise, so the AI can really understand their projects and their team. The long-term plan is to build personal models for each person with their own style and terminology.

OtterPilot is a game-changer for meeting productivity and is leading the way in the AI meeting assistant space. With the help of generative AI, companies are now able to automate the tedious task of taking notes and summarizing meetings, freeing up time for more important tasks. It’s an exciting time for AI meeting assistants, and OtterPilot is at the forefront of the revolution.

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