Paizo prohibits AI-created content to back up human experts.

Attention all TTRPG fans! If you’re a fan of Pathfinder or Starfinder, then you won’t want to miss this important news. The renowned publisher, Paizo, has just made an official statement regarding the use of AI-generated content across their games. This decision has profound implications for both Paizo’s official work and any fan-generated content. So, whether you’re a player, creator or a casual observer, you’ll want to read on to find out more about this game-changing decision.

Protecting the Human Touch

According to a recent Twitter post by Paizo, any content submitted for use in their games or sold via their community content marketplaces must now be produced exclusively by human creators. Paizo’s decision comes amid growing concerns that AI-generated content will undermine creative professionals and disrupt the creative industry as a whole.

Paizo’s commitment to their human creators is commendable, as they believe that AI-generated content poses a serious threat to the livelihoods of their partners who have helped to make the company what it is today. By taking a firm stance against AI-generated content, Paizo shows just how much they value real human creators and the human touch they bring to TTRPG games.

Ethical and Legal Issues

Paizo’s stance on AI art and text generation echoes wider concerns about AI tools in the creative industry. Many artists and writers believe that generative AI models, such as Midjourney and ChatGPT, are unethical because they rely on datasets that often contain content scraped from the internet without the creator’s permission. This presents potential problems for copyright laws and raises wider concerns about AI tools being used to undermine human creative professionals if the content they produce is sold for profit.

Paizo’s customers are passionate about TTRPG games, and they expect a human touch in their releases. As long as the ethical and legal circumstances surrounding AI-generated content remain murky, the company is unwilling to associate their brands with this technology in any way. We applaud Paizo for their commitment to protecting human creativity and for taking a strong stance against potentially harmful technology.

What This Means for the Future of TTRPG

Although Paizo has made it clear that they won’t use AI-generated content of any kind, including “creative” work, in their games, they haven’t disclosed how they plan to prevent such content from being submitted to their marketplaces. This is a problem with no clear solution as of yet, as there is currently no software or application that can reliably identify if AI has been used to generate art or text.

This decision also raises concerns about the growing accessibility of generative AI tools, which may tempt creators looking for a quick and easy solution. But with Paizo now fully committed to human creators, there’s never been a better time to actively support them.


Overall, we’re excited to see that Paizo is committed to supporting human creators in the TTRPG space. By taking such a strong stance against AI-generated content, they’ve shown just how much they value the human touch in their games. As the TTRPG industry continues to evolve, it’s important to remember the vital role human creators play in crafting unique experiences for players. So, let’s support them, and keep the magic of TTRPG games alive!

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