Quantive uses generative AI to improve business strategy for enterprise

Generative AI is revolutionizing the way businesses make decisions, and Quantive is leading the charge. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Quantive is leveraging AI-powered capabilities to better understand, manage and track key performance indicators (KPIs) and objectives and key results (OKRs) for business strategy and execution.

From tracking time-series data to setting up AI-powered suggestions for OKRs, Quantive is using the power of generative AI to help organizations make better decisions. Keep reading to learn more about the OKRs and KPIs of business strategy and the OKRs of generative AI.

The OKRs and KPIs of Business Strategy
Having metrics to measure success is an essential part of modern business management practices. OKRs help clearly define what a company wants to achieve and are backed up with metrics to track how an organization is progressing to those objectives.

Quantive’s new AI-powered updates include integrations from technology built by Cliff, as well as OpenAI models including GPT-3, hosted on Microsoft Azure. One new feature helps users initially define OKRs with AI-powered suggestions. The AI can recommend how objectives can be identified and help set them up in the Quantive system.

Additionally, Quantive now includes an AI-powered capability to help organizations accurately detail and align initiatives to match up with objectives.

The OKRs of Generative AI
To help reduce the learning curve for both new and existing users, a new “Ask Quantive” chatbot-style feature uses the power of an OpenAI model hosted on Microsoft Azure to answer questions and help set up OKRs.

When it comes to larger organizations, scaling OKRs can be very complex, as there is a lot of data to deal with. AI plays a critical role in correctly identifying the right target goals and keeping initiatives aligned with them.

Quantive’s AI-powered capabilities make it easier for businesses to accurately detail and align initiatives to match up with objectives, helping organizations make better decisions and achieve success.

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