Reddit says ChatGPT-like AI will ‘complement’ human connection, not replace it

Are AI-powered chatbots the future of search? As Google and Microsoft reveal their AI-based conversational chatbots, Reddit has remained unfazed by the development. In this blog post, we’ll explore why Reddit isn’t worried and why human connection will always remain essential.

We all know the struggle of trying to find reliable information on the internet. Search engines are often filled with SEO-optimized garbage, making it difficult to find the answers we need. But Reddit is here to save the day! Appending “Reddit” to your searches can help you discover human-sourced information, instead of the standard search engine results.

Despite the emergence of AI-powered chatbots, Reddit is confident that human connection will never be replaced. According to a statement Reddit shared with The Verge, the company believes that “AI chatbot technologies are still new and something we’re exploring and keeping our eyes on. Though, there will always be a need for genuine community and human connection, which can be aided by tools like this. We see chatbots being used in fun and innovative ways to complement community and human connection — not replace it.”

One of the key reasons people trust Reddit is that the platform can help to filter out the bad information. If someone is giving bad information or blatantly lying, their comment won’t make it to the top of a thread. This isn’t to say that Reddit is immune to misinformation, but generally, you can trust the highly upvoted comments in big communities more than a Google result from a site you may not recognize. Plus, you can further scrutinize information on Reddit by looking at people’s post histories and asking them questions.

Interestingly, Reddit has also mentioned that they’re exploring AI chatbot technologies. So, perhaps we’ll soon be talking with Reddit to find stuff on Reddit!

In conclusion, Reddit isn’t too worried about the emergence of AI-powered chatbots, as they believe human connection will always remain essential. We can still trust Reddit to filter out the bad information, and perhaps in the future, we’ll even be talking with Reddit to find stuff on Reddit.

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