Yext Debuts Generative AI Chatbot Platform

Are you ready for the future of customer service? Yext is here to make it happen with their upcoming Yext Chat platform. Combining large language models from OpenAI and other developers, Yext Chat promises to deliver AI customer service with the conversational ability of ChatGPT and other generative AI chatbots, while eliminating the risk of inaccurate responses. Read on to learn more about Yext Chat and the other enterprise chatbot platforms experimenting with generative AI models.

Yext Chat combines the power of generative AI models with the Yext Knowledge Graph database of information specific to the enterprise. This will ensure accuracy and keep the AI up-to-date with how people are interacting with it. Yext president and COO Marc Ferrentino says, “Yext Chat is a transformative product that will provide every business with world-class conversational experiences that are safe, reliable, and easy to manage.”

Yext Chat is powered by a mix of generative AI models, including GPT-3 and Hugging Face’s BLOOM model. Yext senior vice president of product management Max Shaw explains, “Our platform is model-agnostic. Different models are well-suited to different tasks, and it’s important that organizations maintain the flexibility to leverage the best possible model for their desired

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