Blender featuring new Stable Diffusion plug-in for 3D modeling software

Introducing Stability for Blender: A Powerful Generative AI Tool for 3D Artists

Are you tired of manually creating images and textures for your 3D models? If so, then you must dive deep into this new development in the world of 3D modeling. A game-changer in the industry – Stability AI, has recently launched an official Stable Diffusion plug-in called Stability for Blender. It’s a suite of generative AI tools that helps 3D artists create images and textures in Blender’s free 3D modeling software. If you’re a passionate 3D artist looking for innovative ways to experiment with generative AI, then this blog post is for you.

A New Way Forward

Stability AI’s latest offering introduces a completely new dimension of creativity for Blender artists. With Stability for Blender, you can now create images using a text-based approach. Imagine simply inserting text prompts, and wait as the images materialize for you. Additionally, you can utilize existing renders to experiment with different styles and textures – allowing you to streamline your workflow and save time. The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with!

Easy to Use

Stability for Blender is a user-friendly plug-in that you can easily navigate within the software. Even better, you don’t need a dedicated GPU or any additional software to run it. Simply have the latest version of Blender installed, an internet connection, and a Stability API key that you can get from Stability AI’s website directly. They have also provided easy-to-follow tutorials that walk you through using its features.

3D Generative AI In Its Infancy

It’s important to note that Stability for Blender doesn’t generate 3D models; it creates 2D images and textures that you can use in various ways. However, it’s interesting to observe the advances in the world of 3D generative AI, with models such as Google’s DreamFusion and Nvidia’s Get3D. Stability for Blender provides an accessible way for inexperienced artists to experiment with generative AI in 3D.


As the world of 3D modeling advances, Stability for Blender will continue to offer exciting ways to experiment with generative AI. It’s a compelling plug-in that any artist should have in their toolbox, with the potential to transform creativity as we know it. So, unleash your inner artist and try Stability for Blender today!

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