Stability AI’s Innovative AI Model, Stable Audio, Generates Audio Clips from Text Prompts

Introducing Stable Audio: A New Era in Audio Generation Technology

Are you ready to unlock a world of limitless musical possibilities? Brace yourself, because Stability AI has just unveiled its latest groundbreaking technology, Stable Audio. This revolutionary solution is set to redefine the way we create custom audio clips from simple text prompts. Building on the success of Stability AI’s text-to-image generation technology, Stable Diffusion, Stable Audio takes a giant leap forward in the realm of music and audio. Get ready to be captivated by this innovative breakthrough that empowers musicians to embark on a truly unique and creative journey.

Breaking Free from Constraints: Crafting Unique Musical Compositions

Until now, the process of generating base audio tracks has been constrained by traditional “symbolic generation” techniques, often revolving around MIDI files. However, with Stable Audio, those limitations become a thing of the past. Say goodbye to repetitive notes and hello to a new level of musical freedom. This cutting-edge technology allows users to craft entirely new musical compositions, uncurling the petals of creativity that lie within. How does Stable Audio achieve this remarkable feat? By directly interacting with raw audio samples, thus delivering unparalleled output quality. With over 800,000 licensed music samples from the AudioSparks library, this model’s training ensures not only high-quality audio but also comprehensive metadata – a crucial factor in the world of text-based models.

Embracing the Uniqueness: Empowering Musical Expression

Unlike image generation models that attempt to mimic the style of iconic artists like The Beatles, Stable Audio takes a different approach. It acknowledges that musicians yearn to explore their individuality and embark on creative journeys without the constraints of rigid stylistic emulations. Rather than imitating the greats, Stable Audio empowers users to forge their own unique musical expressions. It’s time to tap into the wellspring of creativity within and let your musical vision take flight.

Innovative Technology: The Power of Stable Audio

The Stable Audio model, a diffusion model comprising approximately 1.2 billion parameters, stands on par with the original Stable Diffusion model for image generation. To generate audio, this model relies on text prompts that Stability AI has meticulously developed and trained using the Contrastive Language Audio Pretraining (CLAP) technique. In order to equip users with the tools they need to craft effective prompts, Stability AI is releasing a prompt guide alongside the Stable Audio launch. With this arsenal in hand, you’ll be able to effortlessly usher your musical dreams into reality.

Accessible and Limitless Possibilities

Stable Audio offers both a free version and a Pro plan, priced at $12 monthly. With the free version, users can generate up to 20 tracks per month, each spanning 20 seconds. However, if unlimited musical exploration is what you seek, the Pro version breaks the barriers, allowing for 500 generations and extending track duration up to a whopping 90 seconds. The possibilities are endless, and Stable Audio ensures that every creative impulse can find its voice.

Unlocking a New Era in Audio Generation: Stable Audio by Stability AI

With the release of Stable Audio, Stability AI paves the way for a new era in audio generation technology. This innovative platform effortlessly transforms text prompts into original audio clips, harnessing the power of advanced AI techniques. The horizons of creative expression are expanding, and AI-powered music and audio production solutions are taking center stage. Aspiring and professional audio creators alike can now embark on their musical odyssey with ease, thanks to Stable Audio’s accessible pricing tiers. It’s time to immerse yourself in a world where musical dreams take shape.

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Are you ready to unleash your musical genius? Let the symphony of possibilities begin with Stable Audio.

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