Bloom Energy Carries Too Much Risk Right Now (NYSE:BE)


inho Lee

Bloom Energy Corporation’s Industry

Bloom Energy Corporation (NYSE:BE) is operating with a mission to help with the adoption of cleaner and emission-free energy sources. They state their product is more reliable and affordable for countries to generate

The markets that Bloom Energy are apart of

Bloom Energy Markets (Company

The martket share that Bloom Energy currently has

Bloom Energy Market Share (Company Presentation)

The income statement from the latest earnings report

Income Statement (Q3 Earnings Report)

The outlook and some of the prioritize by the management

Company Outlook And Prioritize (Company Presentation)

The outlook for the year 2022

2022 Outlook (Q3 Earnings Report)

The expectations for the EPS growth

EPS Growth Estimates (Seeking Alpha)

Potential future value of the company

Future Estimates (Author’s Own Calculations)

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